Kids Doodle - Movie Kids Color & Draw App Reviews

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He loves it

He thinks this is the best and hes 3 and can easily move through the program

The update ruined it

This app WAS so easy to use, then it had an update. Its now kept in a folder called deleted".

Addison love it

This is a amazing app. and Merry Christmas

Ad free "upgrade" doesnt stick.

I liked this app enough to purchase the add removal upgrade. Unfortunately it doesnt work and I still get ads :(

Cool idea, needs just a little more

This is a cool idea, particularly the movie function. This has potential application as a podcast tool. The only problems are: 1) cant set pen color (automatically shifts), 2) cant set background color (same issue), and 3) cant make a single multi page document. These probably would be easy to fix.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️four stars

Love the game but you have to have more color choices like all red all black or all orange


I think that this game is great if you want to play it!! Its got drawing!!

I think its good got the little ones.

Why? Because they can use imagination and get their imagination to go WILD! They can get creative and astonish they parents/guardians plus teacher said. Theres why I think its good for the little ones.

A little boring

My 2 yr old LOVES it but....... she ALWAYS needs help and when ever Im talking and I acuppied her with my phone she needs my help! I know I spelled something wrong just let me be though!


awesome game!!!!! wish there wasnt ads BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic for kids

It has many choices for paint brush tools so you can get creative with it!

Pretty good

I wish I could choose the colours Im using. Otherwise its a great app!

Inappropriate ads

Fine app as long as you dont mind your kid staring at boobs in the ads above the app. My daughters are 2 and 5, neither are ready to use the dating app they are advertising. Im usually ok with ads, these are never ok on a kids app.


Have fun with this app

Awesome for toddlers

My 3 yr old loves drawing and watching the videos! And I like the videos too! Minor improvements: make the "new" button stand out more, or just go straight into draw mode when the app is opened, and have an option to just save any drawing and not ask.


This game is AWESOME I love it and wine I am popping on the phone it was fun to play it


Good app to play with your kids, and draw some fun stuff. Cirimellu

Very cool

I love this app, my only Complaint/suggestion is that I could choose between speed up and normal speed when watching the video, otherwise its incredible.

Great! Few suggestions

Can you make it such that videos can be stored in very high def? HD? And please make it at least 1 minute allowance. It saves only 30 secs videos as of now. And please, give contact us info, I have a few more suggestions and questions. Loved your app so much that I have used it so many times! I noticed the contact us button in developer site takes us to Facebook page. Please open an Instagram account. I Would like to tag the videos made with this app to your Instagram account. (Quotertainment:IG).

Love it

Ok I love it so much. I like to draw cats cause there my favorite.

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